Thanksgiving Day Deals: October 2007


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tips to book airline tickets during Thanksgiving and Christmas

There's just no getting around it: The holidays are always the most expensive time to fly. But, by knowing when to book and when to fly (or perhaps more importantly, when not to fly), you can save a bundle.

When to book
It may be difficult to think about Thanksgiving or Christmas so soon after Labor Day, but that's what you'll have to do in order to find reasonable fares and decent availability on flights. After all, prices aren't going to get any cheaper for holiday travel, but they are guaranteed to go up as the season gets closer.

"Book as soon as you can if you are limited by the dates that you can travel," advises Hotwire's travel expert, Barbara Messing. "Book early to lock in a flight at a good price; if you wait to book closer to the holidays, you'll need to be [even more] flexible about travel dates to get a good fare."

When to fly
You'll be able to save the biggest bucks by avoiding peak travel dates, and "traveling a day or two earlier than the crowds," says Messing. For Thanksgiving, the busiest travel days will be the Tuesday and Wednesday before the holiday (November 20 and 21) and the three days following the holiday (November 24 through 26). In December, the most expensive travel days are December 21 through 23 and December 26 through 31.

Flying on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day will be cheaper than flying the days before, which may appeal to travelers with short flights or westbound cross-country flights. "With Christmas on a Tuesday this year, [consider] flying on Christmas Eve, as many people will make a long weekend of it, flying out on the Friday or Saturday before Christmas," says Messing. "Avoid flying between Christmas and New Year's Eve, [since] many people travel home for Christmas and then head back to their own cities to celebrate New Year's Eve with friends."

Monday, October 29, 2007 claims that they are the
official site for all of the 2007 Black Friday ads
I really dont know who gave this special status :-) to them. Regardless they do have started posting the Thanksgiving day deals from vendors like Sears, Toys R Us, Macy's, Tommy Hilfiger and so on.

Check this out ...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Top 9 Tips to Getting the Best Bargains on "Black Friday"

Black Friday - The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year:
Black Friday falls on the day after Thanksgiving and has earned the reputation of being the busiest shopping day of the year. The name was adopted from an accounting term - red ink denotes a negative profit margin, where as "in the black" denotes a positive profit margin. Many retailers make or break their sales goals between Thanksgiving and Christmas, with the season kicking off on the Friday after Thanksgiving, hence the name "Black Friday."

1. Check Out the Ads: Your local Thanksgiving Day newspaper will be stuffed like your Thanksgiving turkey with ads, coupons, and circulars. This will be your number one source to local Black Friday savings and it will also help you organize your day to maximize savings since many stores offer special discounts that are time specific. Example: Receive an extra 10 percent off if you shop before 11 a.m.

2. Do Your Research Before Friday: If you are hoping to scoop up a deal on Friday on a big-ticket item, go ahead and get your research out of the way as soon as possible. A bad product is a bad deal no matter how cheap it costs. Being knowledgeable about the products you want to buy will help you avoid being sucker-punched with loud advertising for poor products. is chocked full of buying advice on a wide variety of products from professionals who have the knowledge to help you make good decisions.

3. Compare Prices:
Utilize price-comparison Internet shopping sites such as to assist you in comparing product prices. Compare the "options" included with the product. Some retailers will low-ball the advertised price on a stripped down product and then you will be charged extra for the necessary parts, which will make the product perform as expected. A good example of this is often seen with super low-priced computer printers that come without the cable (cord) or printer ink.
4. Early Bird Shopper Discounts:
The Early Bird Shopper will be the real winner on Black Friday. Stores offering Early Day Shopper Specials usually run the deals between 5 a.m. until 11 a.m. and with no "rain checks" which means once they run out of the products, you are out of luck. Scanning the ads and routing your trip based on your buying priorities will be important with the time-sensitive deals that will be offered.
5. Night Owl Discounts - Thanksgiving Eve:
Internet shoppers can beat the Early Birds by shopping online in the pre-dawn hours of Black Friday. Many retailers will be posting their Black Friday specials, which can be ordered, online and picked-up at your local store. Special "Web Only" deals will also be available starting as early as Thanksgiving eve. The aggressive stores such as CompUSA will be opening at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday with Early Bird promotions in hopes of capturing your dollars before their competition has opened.
6. Bring the Ads:
Many stores offer a "lowest-price" guarantee, however you may be required to produce a copy of the exact product being advertised for less. Most local retailers will not meet Internet prices even when the product is advertised on the same company's website, but it cannot hurt to try. Print the website page that details the product and shows the advertised price. It may give you additional bargaining power and push the sales person into waiving other charges such as assembly fees.
8. Know the Store Policies:
Knowing the store policies on returns can help you determine where to buy. A previous trend of extending "return days" during the holidays is being seen less this year. Many retailers are including restocking fees and shorter return deadlines. Almost all of the major retail chains have clamped down on requiring receipts for returns and exchanges and many keep a database of individuals who tend to abuse return policies. If you get onto an "abuse" list, prepare yourself to be turned down.
9. Gift Receipts:
Gift receipts generally include a description of the item purchased but do not disclose the price paid. Including gift receipts inside the gift box will make returns or exchanges easier for the gift recipient. Without proof-of-purchase, the recipient may be turned down for returning or exchanging the item or risk receiving an exchange for the current selling price of the item.

Since many retailers begin permanently slashing prices as soon as Black Friday is over, the difference between what you pay for a gift during December and what it sells for in January can be significant. Including a gift-receipt should help insure a hassle-free return experience for gift recipients.

10. Saying "Charge It" Can Pay Off
Obviously, there is no bargain in running up high credit card bills and paying big interest rates, however, with proper spending disciplines intact, using the right charge card can be of value to consumers. Many credit card companies entice consumers with free benefits, which include extended free warranties, return protection and sale price protection.

Warranty Coverage - Your credit card company may offer to double or triple a manufacturer's warranty for free on a product you purchase - a good option instead of purchasing a service contract that costs money and has a shorter duration period.

Return Protection - A credit card company may guarantee a refund on a product up to 90 days where as the store may not. This is becoming particularly more important as retailers stiffen the allotted return days.

Sale Price Protection - Some of the credit card companies will offer this protection and refund you the difference if a product you buy is marked down further than the price you paid within a certain time frame (usually 60 days).

An enormous amount of advertising, locally and online, can be confusing and nearly paralyzing to the Black Friday bargain hunter. To maximize the benefits of hitting the stores on a day where there are big crowds and a better deal around every corner, developing a plan and doing preliminary research will help insure that the day is a shopping success.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Black Friday @

Black Friday @ has already got a few posts regarding the huge sales ad for the Thanksgiving. They have posted the Toys"R"Us "Big Toy Book" catalog and also the Macy's 2007 Black Friday ad which has over 100 items on the list. Other merchant ads include ACE Hardware and Harbor Freight. Like all other websites, too provides a facility to send you alerts if you are willing to share your email id with them.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 has short notice which says
The 2007 site will be launch shortly!

You can register by giving email id, if you would like to receive an alert as soon as they start posting their ads.

Going through their previous year pages, it looks like they have tried to do a decent job of posting the ads online on a near real time basis.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here is one more website whcih is gearing up for the busiest shopping day of the year. has come up with a special section, forum and they also promise to give the scoop of the black friday deals much earlier.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Black Friday .net

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when major retailers around the country discount products to help kick off the Christmas shopping season. This Black Friday ads are usually kept secret until you receive the circulars in your Thanksgiving Day newspaper. However at, we give you the advantage by showing you all of the Black Friday 2007 ads before anyone else. We also offer direct links to each product so you can purchase the items online on Black Friday without having to stand in line at the store!

Sunday, October 21, 2007 aims to serve one purpose: to help better your Black Friday experience. While the newspaper circulars are not released until a couple days before Black Friday, the ads are often available on the internet weeks in advance. BFAds acts as a compilation portal: scouring the web for the latest Black Friday information and organizing it all into a readily available database. additionally offers many features to its visitors, including community message boards, comprehensive sales and product information, links to available in-store coupons and Black Friday item rebates. We hope you enjoy the site.

Black Friday Ads

The black friday 2007 deals

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